Auto recycling facts:

  • Auto recyclers are among the first and purest recyclers of any industry.
  • Automobiles are the number one recycled product in the world.
  • Recycling parts annually saves 80 billion barrels of oil.
  • The volumeĀ of fluids safely removed by recyclers equals eight Exxon Valdez disasters per year.

We recycle vehicles from bumper to bumper

Each part is either sold, or recycled in an environmentally friendly manner

  • Engines, transmissions, & assemblies are removed and warehoused onsite
  • ALL FLUIDS are removed prior to component removal to avoid leakage
  • Damaged or non working assemblies are disassembled for recycling
  • All petroleum based fluids are recycled by a licensed collection company
  • Coolant is drained separately and recycled by a licensed collection company
  • Freon is reclaimed and contained for resale and recycling
  • Batteries are stored in a containment area and are sold to a battery recycler
  • Damaged ac condensers and radiators are stored and sold to metal recyclers
  • Catalytic converters are stored and sold to a licensed recycling company
  • Remaining vehicle shells are crushed and sold to a metal recycler
  • Serious steps are taken to comply with all environmental regulations