Please read warranty and return policy information below before returning any items. To obtain return authorization,

Call 1-800-426-5385 or email

Call 1-800-426-5385 to purchase an extended warranty.

Warranty and Return Policy Information:

NOTICE: Tires, wheels, and body parts do not include any “length of time” warranty. They are only warranted at time of purchase to be sold as described.

All other A1 Parts Mart sales are sold with 90 day warranty & return policy (from date of purchase). In the event a part sold with a warranty fails to operate within the warranty period A1 Parts Mart will replace the part(s) with a functionally equivalent part or refund the part purchase price, at our option. No refund on deposits or unwanted special order parts or special “cut” items.

Defective or Damaged Parts Must be returned to A1 Parts Mart at our discretion before any Replacement or Refund is given. Parts may be returned during the first 90 days for a refund of the purchase price (less any shipping charges). Original shipping charge refunds are at the sole discretion of A1 Parts Mart. Buyer is responsible for any return shipping charges.

  • These warranties are non-transferable and are considered void if parts are used for racing purposes, installed on vehicle with racing equipment, or sustain damage due to accident or misuse.
  • A1 Parts Mart  does not assume responsibility for any towing charges, lay-up time, telephone fees, loss due to down time, cost of lodging, cost of vehicle use or transportation, car or truck rental, or inconvenience.
  • All AC Systems must be flushed (with proof of dryer & accumulator purchased) for warranty to remain valid on AC compressors.
  • All parts warranties are limited to original purchaser.
  • There will be a 20% handling charge on all non-defective return items.

Engine Warranty: All engines are warranted against cracked cylinder blocks or heads, bad cam or crankshaft, excessive oil consumption. Engines are warranted to be in good running order unless otherwise stated. All engines must upon installation, have new oil, oil filter and timing belt if applicable. Oil to be changed every 3,000 miles thereafter. Proof of service and mileage will be required. Engines are left as complete as possible for the convenience of the installer. This warranty does not cover attached items and accessories such as (but not limited to) water pump, fuel pump, carburetor, distributor, etc. All engines are sold without starter, alternator, steering pump, turbo, supercharger, ac compressor, and ECU.

Transmission Warranty: Warranted to be in good working order including slippage or shifting failures or bearing noise. Shearing or breaking of teeth in standard transmissions is NOT warranted under any circumstances. Transmissions must have new seals and new fluid installed at the time of installation into vehicle. Oil seals and gaskets are not warranted.



I. SILVER 1 Year – 12 month / 12,000 mile part only limited warranty +10%

II. SILVER+ 1 Year – 12 month / 12,000 mile part & labor limited warranty +25%

III. GOLD 2 Year – 24 month / 24,000 mile part only limited warranty +20%

IV. GOLD+ 2 Year – 24 month / 24,000 mile part & labor limited warranty +35%

*It is the intent of A1 Parts Mart to see that each warranty claim is handled in a quick and professional fashion. Certain limits and restrictions do apply. Please read and understand all terms and conditions listed. Buyer’s failure to follow the required terms and conditions for warranty coverage may result in loss of such coverage at the sole discretion of A1 Parts Mart.


  • OUR CUSTOMERS ARE KING! We make every effort to provide only the best quality, fully tested engine and transmission assemblies for your installation. We are 100% committed to customer satisfaction.
  • Warranty begins from the original date of purchase, not at the date of installation, and not as an addition to the standard warranty. These warranty terms shall supersede any warranty provisions, terms and conditions printed on our sales invoice.
  • Extended warranties replace standard warranty policies.
  • PART ONLY limited warranties cover replacement of part and do not include ANY labor payment.
  • PART & LABOR limited warranties cover part replacement & labor of up to a maximum of 10 flat Rate hours.
  • Labor claims will be paid based on the Chilton Labor Guide at a rate of $50.00 per flat rate hour, up to the limit of warranty coverage. (Not to exceed ten (10) flat rate hours) This is intended to lessen the financial impact of warranty repairs to the shop in the unlikely event that a part failure occurs and is not intended to cover all costs involved.
  • Warranties may only be purchased, and are only valid, if an approved ASE certified shop (or A1 Parts Mart approved shop) performs the original installation and covered part replacement.
  • Labor claims are limited to the amount and duration of coverage purchased only and may only be used for one warranty repair / replacement. Multiple claims against the same part are not allowed, regardless of incidence of part failure.
  • Replacement parts carry a STANDARD A1 Parts Mart 90 day warranty.
  • Additional Extended warranty coverage of replacement part may be purchased at time of warranty replacement but is not included with replacement part.
  • ALL Warranty claims require approval of A1 Parts Mart  before work is done.
  • A1 Parts Mart reserves the right to repair, replace or refund the purchase price of any part sold under the standard or extended warranties as deemed necessary.
  • A1 Parts Mart reserves the right to have labor performed at a facility of its choice.
  • Warranty is void if the covered part fails due to faulty installation, modification, negligent use, or by the failure of a non-covered component part.
  • Any part sold for racing, heavy commercial, or off road use is not eligible for (or covered by) any warranty.
  • No reimbursement will be made for expenses incurred due to loss of use from the failure of any covered part, including but not limited to; towing, lost wages or income, lost time or inconvenience.
  • Gaskets, fluids, seals, filters or other consumable materials are not warranted.
  • Warranty claims will be paid only upon the completion of warranty work as agreed with installing shop.
  • It is the purchaser’s responsibility to retain the original invoice and present it for any warranty claim.
  • Warranty is for original purchaser only, and is not transferable, except when purchased by a dealer for installation into a customer’s vehicle, in which case the warranty transfers to that customer only.
  • Declining to purchase or failure to purchase labor warranty releases A1 Parts Mart from all labor claims. Unless covered by specific labor warranty, labor charges are not under any circumstances to be paid.
  • A1 Parts Mart reserves the right to suspend, modify or discontinue any or all parts of Extended Warranty and Labor Coverage program without notice.
  • Warranties in effect at the time of any such changes will remain in full effect until their date of expiration.
  • There will be a 20% handling charge on all non-defective returned items.